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The State of Texas Position Classification Plan (Plan) is designed to ensure that state employees are classified appropriately and consistently according to their education, work experience, skills, and work performed, and that the salary ranges for positions are competitive with similar positions in the public and private sector. The Plan helps to promote salary parity for similar positions across agencies, allows agencies to recruit and retain employees, and provides salary administration guidelines for similar positions across agencies to make individual pay decisions.

State agencies covered by the Plan are responsible for ensuring compliance with the Plan, as well as making decisions regarding an individual employee's salary rate.

The Position Classification Act (Texas Government Code, Chapter 654) outlines the classification and compensation structure for the majority of state employees and requires the State Classification Team to:

  • Maintain and ensure that the Plan is current;
  • Advise and assist state agencies to ensure equitable and uniform application of the Plan;
  • Conduct position classification compliance audits to ensure conformity with the Plan;
  • Make recommendations to the Governor and the Legislature, as necessary and appropriate, regarding the operation, improvement, and modification of the Plan;
  • Make periodic studies of salary rates in both the public and private sector for similar work performed in state government; and
  • Report findings and recommendations to the Governor's Office of Budget and Planning and the Legislative Budget Board preceding each regular session of the Legislature.

Additional information on the structure of the Plan is also available.