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Prior to each legislative session, the State Classification Team produces three compensation and classification reports:

  • A Biennial Report on the State's Position Classification Plan, which assesses the competitiveness of the State's compensation system, including making recommendations to the Legislature for placement of positions in the Position Classification Plan, reviewing employee pay in relation to market, and recommending other technical salary administrative changes.
  • A Biennial Report on the State's Law Enforcement Salary Schedule (Salary Schedule C), which reviews the market competitiveness of the law enforcement salary schedule.
  • A Classification Study of Exempt Positions, which compares exempt (executive officers) position compensation for state agencies to (a) market average compensation for similar executive positions and (b) classified position salaries. It includes an analysis of exempt position compensation, with consideration given to size of agency appropriations and full-time equivalent size levels.

Instructions: Click on a report number or title to view the summary interface for that report. Click on the PDF link to view a full, printable copy of the report.