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Workforce analysis is a systematic process for identifying the human capital required to meet agency goals and developing the plans and strategies to meet these requirements.

As part of the strategic plan required under Texas Government Code, Section 2056.002, state agencies must conduct a strategic planning staffing analysis and develop a workforce plan. Workforce plans are completed as part of agencies' strategic plans.

Agencies should submit electronic copies of the workforce plan to the State Auditor's Office's State Classification Team at the same time the strategic plan is submitted. Higher education institutions and university systems are excluded from the requirements.

The State Auditor's Office has a number of resources available to assist agencies with the development of their workforce plans.

              Workforce Planning Guide - Provides information on the workforce planning phases and a sample workforce planning questionnaire. (.pdf)

             Electronic Classification Analysis (E-Class) System - A Web-based application used to analyze statewide human resources data.

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